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how did u and soratane meet and become friends?

Soratane’s already creating her autobiography, so I’ll try my best to be detailed. LONG POST IS LONG. Really long.

Basically, the first time I saw her was in 2009 during my first day of college in criminology class because she was one of the last people to find a seat. That and I was a freshmen, freshmen like to stare because they don’t know what they’re doing.

But at an Ani-Jam meeting a few weeks later, I saw her again and I was like (in my mind), “Hey, the girl from crim class.” She happened to be friends with another volunteer except he ended up not coming, so she was awkwardly standing/sitting by herself. I’m a quiet/shy person so I would’ve never greeted her if not for my two outgoing friends that I came with. They were the ones that went up to her and initiated a conversation. But even then I didn’t say a word except for my name.

She added me on MySpace some time later. Our first conversation was through MySpace and about Japanese futons because at the time we were both looking into buying one. And we never really conversed again after that. lol. Never went beyond the futons, some photography discussions, but that was about it. Just small comments/chit chat here and there sprinkled over weeks and months.

We never became friends, just acquaintances. We went two years like that. The one and only time we “hung out” was as volunteers at Ani-Vent in 2010. But even then we hardly talked. We did our own thing with our own friends.

Everything changed however, when Lightning came into the picture in 2011. Should that be embarrassing or awesome? She changed her FB profile pic into what resembled Lightning, so I offered to edit it.

I had no interest in FFXIII whatsoever at the time. I asked her a few questions about the game because of the edit, and she recommended it. But I was reluctant to buy it because the reviews were mixed among fans and critics, and I was FFVII/Bioshock/Mass Effect biased. XIII just did not appeal to me at all.

After a month of dilly dallying and youtubing the entire game (spoil all the things~), I finally bought it on a “Whatevs.” And then my life was over. I. Became. Obsessed. lol.

FFXIII, I would say, was what made us friends. She was the only person I could talk with about FFXIII, so I bothered her for a while just worshiping Lightning. /annoying noob fangirl/ And then one thing just kinda lead to another. We sort of hung out together at Ani-Jam 2011 where she first cosplayed as Lightning, then we went for a cosplay photoshoot, then we started a XIII cosplay group, then we had sushi, then we meet at school, then we’re at SacAnime meeting Ali Hillis, then she’s making me watch lesbian movies, then I’m puking in her girlfriend’s toilet, and here we are I suppose.

To be technical, we’ve only been friends for half a year, not even a year yet. But the time I’ve spent with her, Commander Shepard, and Cota have been really fun, memorable, and fat.

So yea, it kinda took us about two years to become friends. Awkward and quiet people are awkward and quiet. But XIII was the one that brought it all together in a way. Pretty sure if Lightning never existed or if I ended up disliking XIII, I would not be answering this question. :|

  1. soratane said: lmao. :| I don’t remember you saying we were actually in the same Crim class. Creepy freshmen! I thought you meant you saw me outside of the class room. That was an amusing story.
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